Collaboration Voice, what’s that then?

When I set up CTECH I wanted to find a telephony solution and I wasn’t short of people contacting me offering their products.  I considered them but knew they weren’t what I was after, as I wasn’t really interested in a traditional telephone system.  I really wanted something more aligned to the suite of cloud products I was planning to have in CTECH’s portfolio.

A good friend who I trusted pointed me in the direction of a small innovative company called Voice Simplified.  In checking them out I was intrigued, because some well-known brands use Voice Simplified’s voice platform technology, yet the company is largely unknown.  They are perfectly happy to white label their product and let their customers and resellers take the lead.

When I saw what they had I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  The tech team behind the product are all based here in the UK and I was able to meet with them and discuss what I thought I wanted and understand a little more about where they were going to take the product in the future.  Their vision of where telephony is going very much matched my own thoughts.  Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are going to play a major role in most organisation’s communications strategy and it is time to dump the legacy PBX and make a complete step change in our communications, not only for our internal staff but for all external customer contact as well.

Linking the Business Telephony / Contact Centre suite with MS Teams is an immensely powerful combination: a unified client, where voice calling, messaging, and meetings are all together in one simple experience. There was so much to commend the product and I am so glad that I didn’t just rush in and take the first thing that I was offered.

I am genuinely really excited by the potential of CTECH’s Collaboration Voice product.  Overall this is a great Telco grade product, with lots of great features and at an exceptional price. Everyone we have shown it to has been impressed.

Initially, we started by bringing on smaller customers as straight forward cloud telephony implementations but as our confidence has grown, we are now looking to ramp up the rollout.

I need a bit of help, please! We are currently looking for any small to medium-sized companies who want to move away from their traditional telephony platform.  We are also looking for one or two larger multi-site opportunities as that is where the Collaboration Voice cloud communications will really bring the most cost/value benefit.  Lastly, we would really like to speak to any customers that might want to look at taking a Teams collaboration approach across their organisations.

So, if you know anyone who needs a great telephony product or advice on Office 365 / Microsoft Teams tell them to give John a call on 07972 582530

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