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Maintain Productivity & Increase Profitability

Technology plays an important strategic role in business development; every company needs fast and resilient IT systems to maintain productivity and increase profitability. CTECH can become your company IT department which covers data backups to business continuity planning: IT Support addresses the fundamental issues that affect modern-day businesses.

When you choose CTECH Business as your support company, we take this appointment seriously and will be fully committed to ensuring your IT systems run smoothly and efficiently.

If our support team is alerted to any potential issues, we can act immediately so you can rest assured your business is in the safest of hands.

CTECH Remote Monitoring & Management includes:

  • Remotely monitoring your entire network 24/7/365, including firewalls and all devices logged into your network.
  • Security monitoring
  • Patch management to prevent cyber-attacks and optimise system performance.
  • Threat detection
  • Backup and recovery
  • Remote access to perform maintenance and resolve customer issues.

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Types of CTECH Support:



Per month +VAT

* For businesses with 1-6 users



Per user per month +VAT



Per user per month +VAT