FTTC- Fibre To The Cabinet

Superfast Broadband

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FTTC- Fibre To The Cabinet

Superfast Fibre.

Fibre to the Cabinet brings superfast broadband to your office, with low contention ratios, assured speeds and up to unlimited data plus 100Mbits connectivity.

You’ll get far greater speeds then the standard broadband you are getting now, and will see new opportunities for remote working, cloud services and VoIP systems.


  • Fibre 40 (40Mb down 10Mb Up/ 250GB data transfer allowance)
  • Fibre 80 (80Mb down 20Mb Up/ 500GB data transfer allowance)
  • Fibre 80 Unlimited (up to 100Mb down 40Mb Up/ unlimited data transfer allowance)

How It Works:

FTTC is a connective technology that’s built on a combination of fibre optic and copper cable, CTECH has access to a backbone fibre from your local telephone exchange to a green cabinet near to you. From the green cabinet, we use the existing copper telephone line runs straight to your office, supercharging your broadband to speeds you choose of up to 100Mb.

It takes about two/three weeks to set up a connection, and you need a normal telephone line, which CTECH also provides to get you up and running.

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How Does Broadband Work?

Business Broadband is a high-speed internet connection. The service is delivered over a fixed copper line, which comes from the telephone exchange to your premises via a roadside cabinet. Both residential and business broadband customers benefit from speeds of at least 24Mbps, but with a business connection you get so much more; including enhanced customer support, service guarantees and prioritised traffic. 

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