Fibre to the premise

full fibre


Ultra-fast fibre.

Benefit from gigabit speeds, expert support and rock-solid resilience with FTTP from CTECH.

Why could you use an ultra-fast connection in your business?

More than 40% of UK businesses are using a cloud-based solution when connected to ultrafast broadband, the cloud offers the agility needed for an organisation to optimise their product and customer service and for workers to enjoy faster and more robust connections.

Time-consuming and expensive face-to-face meetings are much reduced, with quality video conferencing, remote and flexible working becoming the norm.



  • Full Fibre 100 (100Mb down/100Mb up Unlimited data usage)
  • Full Fibre 300 (300Mb down/300Mb up Unlimited data usage)
  • Full Fibre 500 (500Mb down/500Mb up Unlimited data usage)
  • Full Fibre 1000 (1Gb down/1Gb up Unlimited data usage)


How It Works:

FTTP technology that’s built on fibre optic, CTECH has access to a backbone fibre from your local telephone exchange to a green cabinet near to you. From the green cabinet, we replace the existing copper telephone line that runs straight to your office with a new fibre optic, supercharging your broadband to speeds you choose of up to 1GB.

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How Does Broadband Work?

Business Broadband is a high-speed internet connection. The service is delivered over a fixed copper line, which comes from the telephone exchange to your premises via a roadside cabinet. Both residential and business broadband customers benefit from speeds of at least 24Mbps, but with a business connection you get so much more; including enhanced customer support, service guarantees and prioritised traffic.