My 5 Top Reasons Why You Need to Backup Office 365 Now!!!!

Being a tech start-up, I was under the impression my Office365 data was being backup into the cloud, but contrary to my belief, Office 365 doesn’t back up your data as part of the parcel. Microsoft only replicates data in the cloud as a redundancy feature to help comply with legal retention for data regulations – I’ve highlighted the top 5 reasons why it’s so important to back up Office 365:

  1. Email Storage and Backup

Outlook doesn’t back up emails that are older than 30 days which have been deleted from the bin. This, coupled with the limited email storage space means that users are often forced to delete old emails to save space, potentially removing information that may be needed down the line for legal or regulatory compliance during an audit. By providing your customers with a suitable O365 backup solution, they can retain and restore all employee emails to ensure they are always compliant.

  1. Ransomware Hackers

Cyber-attacks and email-borne attacks are on the rise. There are a variety of sophisticated attacks that puts both your customer and their business at risk. From creating malicious software designed to block access to a computer system for ransom money to threats that can delete all important files, it’s important that your customers have a complete backup solution to archive all their data so that they can’t fall victim to these attacks.

  1. Human Error

Whether it be your customer themselves or one of their employees, human error happens all the time and is inevitable. According to Kroll Ontrack, 40% of data loss occurs because of human error. At the click of a button, a business has the potential to lose important business data that they are unable to retrieve.

  1. Internal Attack

Although we don’t like to think about it, sometimes employee dissatisfaction or various other reasons can cause employees to intentionally cause damage to your customer’s business. An internal attack can be more dangerous than a sophisticated outside attack, purely because they already have access to passwords, systems and more. Therefore, having O365 backup means you can retrieve any data that has been maliciously and intentionally deleted.

  1. Compliance

Regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, legal (etc.) all need to comply with certain regulations and standards when it comes to storing sensitive, personal data. Whilst Office 365 has security measures in place, this doesn’t necessarily mean all your data is fully protected. By using a third-party backup solution, your customers will rest assured knowing that their data is always stored safely.

If any of those listed above could be a concern for your business and you would like to discuss it, just give me a call 02392 003 090 and I’ll help you.

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