The Clock Is Always Ticking…Don’t Let Your Website Get Old

One thing is always certain in web design; what looks good today will not be the fashion in a few years time. It is an unfortunate fact of the media industry that things move fast and the big players in the market, the Apple’s of this world, will change the way their brand appears every couple of years. Why should we care though? After all, we aren’t the biggest company in the world and so surely our own brand and how it appears on our assets can remain for longer?

Unfortunately that isn’t true. Our perception of ‘what looks good’ is influenced by the brands we are most exposed to. Day to day these are the household name brands that spend the most on advertising and appear in the media all the time. This then filters down through all levels of retail and industry because we carry our same perception of design right down from these biggest of brands through to the smallest local business.

So what does this mean for your small business website? Well in short it means that if you do not change your website design then it will begin to look dated and people will be less impressed. Much like the first website you ever created and which you were no doubt happy with at the time, years later it looks out of date and that reflects on your business as well. The other certainty is that whilst your website might have remained with a design that is no longer in vogue, your competitors will change theirs to look more up to date.

Does that mean I have to spend a load of money every couple of years?

If you are a client of CTECH then the answer is emphatically no! We understand that websites evolve and we want all our clients to remain happy that their website is current. That is why we’ve designed our service to work in exactly the same way as a mobile phone contract does. Once the minimum term has run down, if you want to do a refresh of your website design then all you need to do is renew for a further minimum term and we will do it absolutely free!

The ethos at CTECH is that we want to be partners with all our clients, not just a supplier. That is why our service, unlike other suppliers, is a fully managed one. At any time you can request changes to the design, new aspects to be added and at the end of the term a full redesign if you so wish. Everything is taken care of for you and we work constantly with you to help keep your website working hard for your business. No other supplier in the market works in quite the same way we do and we’ve brought to bear our years of experience working with small, independent businesses to put together the service that we know provides the best security and value for you.

Not a CTECH customer yet?

Even if you have a website that you’re currently happy with, for a small fee we can migrate or rebuild it on out platform and then you’re part of our great service that gives you the comfort of knowing the future of your web presence is taken care of. Give us a call now if you’re interested in getting your web services with us and avoid hefty future redesign costs.

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