Why Cyber-Security is important…

A few years back, one of my friends that I play Rugby with, saw a gap in the market that he thought he could exploit, so he quit his job and started his own business.

Within 18 months he was getting really busy and had brought on an ex-colleague to work with him, and his wife was working in the business part-time.  Another 18 months later, his wife was working full-time as well, and three new junior employees had been taken on to cover the customer support and back office needs.

Another year passed and an opportunity came up to buy a small competitor – the MD wanted to sell up and retire. So, with the help of some investment funding, my friend took the opportunity to expand and pick up some nice new clients. By late 2018 they were a 20 strong team turning over a few million a year.

It all happened so fast. My mate had been so focused on growing his business and busy trying to do the right thing to please his client base, he had re-prioritised internal projects so many times he had forgotten why they seemed so important in the first place. IT security was way down the list…

Then towards the end of last year, another local business on his business park got hit with a ransomware attack. The business owner told my friend “It was terrible, it nearly killed our business. It took so much time and money to sort the mess out, and we couldn’t fulfil orders for weeks. The disruption was unbelievable and some of our customers have moved elsewhere and may not come back”.

“Don’t worry though I am sure you are better sorted than me and have things like anti-virus, firewalls and backups of all your important business data…….”

My mate didn’t… and he could instantly see how vulnerable and he was, and he was worried. Fortunately, he called me and 4 weeks on he is finally getting a good night’s sleep.

I feel it is really important that business owners take a little time to think about where they are and look at what impact a disaster situation would have on their business.  We can’t avoid every eventuality but with a bit of up-front common-sense prevention, most of the complete catastrophes can be avoided and at a very modest cost.  IT security isn’t something to leave to chance anymore.

Give John at CTECH a call. Just get it sorted.

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