Why use Office 365?

If you are an Office 365 user, you will already appreciate the advantages of having a suite of common desktop apps Word, Excel PowerPoint and so forth. Next year there will be a lot of changes happening on the communications side of 365 – so you should definitely keep an eye on what is coming as collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams start to roll out (replacing Skype for Business).

Teams will give you everything you need all in one place, Chat, your documents, SharePoint, Outlook and with CTECH Direct Routing native integration into Teams you can have all your external voice communications in one place as well. 

Teams combined with CTECH will be an immensely powerful communications platform, giving you all the advantages and reliability of a traditional phone system with a phone on your desk, combined with…. as the marketing bods like to term it the ‘modern workplace,’ with Teams PC softphone and mobile clients working together “multi-device” and click-to-dial for all of your directory and CRM contacts wherever they are in the world.

Collaboration tools like Teams have a bigger impact on the telephony world since the change from Analogue to Digital/ISDN. Teams will be a game changer and be adopted as the new corporate ‘communications standard’ by most 365 users.  

Next year we are looking to link up with any mid-sized companies that are interested in transforming their communications and finding out what Teams and CTECH can do for them. Drop me a line if you want to catch up over a coffee anytime……………..

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